BREAKING: East Sussex County Council election results

LABOUR has taken three seats from the Conservatives in Hastings in the East Sussex County Council elections and secured over 42 per cent of the vote.

Of the eight wards seven are now held by Labour and one by the Conservatives.

UKIP did well though did not take any seats, with candidates coming second in five wards.

The results are as follows.

Peter Pragnell (Conservative) held on to Ashdown and Conquest with 1061 votes, a majority of 215, with UKIP candidate Doug Thorogood in second place with 846 votes.

Labour made a gain in Baird and Ore with Michael Wincott taking the seat with 872 votes. Conservative Liam Atkins was second with 670 votes.

Godfrey Daniel was re-elected in Castle and Braybrooke with 1,396 votes, a huge majority of 997, another Labour hold, with UKIP’s Jay Lavender in second place.

Trevor Webb held onto his seat in Central St Leonards with 1,020 votes, with UKIP candidate Michael McIver in second place.

In Hollington and Wishing Tree Phil Scott held onto his seat with 1,152 votes, 556 more than UKIP candidate Ken Pankhurst.

In Maze Hill and West St Leonards, Labour made another gain from the Conservatives as Kim Forward won with 861 votes to Rob Lee’s 796.

Jeremy Birch held onto his seat in Old Hastings and Tressell with 1,076 votes. UKIP’s Peter Wallace was in second place with 492 votes.

Finally, in St Helens and Silverhill Labour mad another gain with John Hodges taking the seat from Conservative Matthew Lock, with 1,206 votes, a majority of 216.

Overall the voter turnout in Hastings was 30 per cent.