Brave vet takes a leap of faith

Nikki Lambert doing her skydive
Nikki Lambert doing her skydive

A BRAVE vet jumped 12,000ft out of a plane to raise money for two charities close to her heart.

Nikki Lambert, 26, of Chambers Road, St Leonards, works at Mallydams Wood Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Fairlight so decided to do the jump from the airbase in Headcorn, Kent in order to buy new medical equipment for the centre.

She also did the fundraiser for the Pituitary Foundation, a national charity which offers support to those suffering from pituitary disorders.

Miss Lambert was diagnosed with a pituitary disorder herself and has so far raised almost £500 for both charities.

She said: “I have been involved with the Sussex county group of the Pituitary Foundation since being diagnosed. We regularly meet up for social events and it really helps to speak to other people with the same disorder as they understand how you feel.”

The pituitary is a hormone-producing (endocrine) gland, located behind the bridge of the nose and below the base of the brain.

Many of the symptoms associated with pituitary disorders can be general such as headaches, weight gain, loss of vision, mood swings, depression, extreme fatigue and loss of concentration and memory.

Miss Lambert said: “At Mallydams we are hoping to buy a pulse oximeter. This is a vital bit of equipment used to monitor wildlife casualties during anaesthesia and surgery.”

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