Brave Rachel back at work

A REFUSE collector, who had a lucky escape after she was crushed between her truck and van on the A21, returned to work this week.

Rachel Vigar was collecting bins at Hurst Green on January 8 when she was hit by a van, which crashed into her and pinned her against the back of the lorry.

Husband Gavin, who was driving the refuse lorry, heard Rachel scream and dashed around the back to find his wife slumped over the bin.

Gavin and his colleagues feared the worst as the air ambulance was called to the scene.

But luckily the bin had absorbed much of the impact, leaving 44-year-old Rachel with just severe bruising,a black eye, a twisted ankle and a broken wrist.

Since the Observer reported the news of Rachel’s accident, residents in Hurst Green, Fairlight, Pebsham, Little Common and Cooden, where the couple carry out their rounds, have sent 65 get well cards to Rachel’s home in Magpie Close, St Leonards, along with plenty of flowers and chocolates.

Rachel returned to the rounds in Fairlight and Bexhill this week and will be back in Hurst Green next Tuesday.

Gavin said: “She still has to wear ankle and wrist support to protects these areas, and she has a nasty scar on her forearm, but she is glad to be back. “She had lots of hugs in Fairlight, and I think in Bexhill we are going to finish quite late!

“The support from residents has been exceptional.”

Malcolm Savill, regional manager at Biffa Municipal, said: “It’s great to have Rachel back at work and that she has made a full recovery.

“We will phase her back into the job to ensure she can cope.”