Bonfire society’s Hastings Week procession saved

A BONFIRE society’s plans for the upcoming Hastings Week celebrations have been saved at the 11th hour.

Hastings Borough Bonfire Society (HBBS) ended up homeless in June as the land it used to make and store its torches was sold.

It was feared that the group’s plans for its annual procession during next month’s Hastings Week festivities were destined to go up in smoke.

But Hastings Borough Council (HBC) stepped in an offered the society alternative accommodation for the storage and making of its torches.

The group is now using the new temporary premises in Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve, where society members will continue making the necessary preparations for this year’s event.

Nick Lynas, HBBS chairman, said: “We were forced to leave our last torch making site due to the land been sold and we suddenly had to find an alternative location to make and store our torches, which light up Hastings during our bonfire procession.

“However thanks to the support, help and intervention of the council we are now able to illuminate Hastings in such a magical and entrancing way.”

Councillor Trevor Webb, the council’s lead member for leisure, said: “Every year the bonfire society works selflessly, bringing us bonfire celebrations which I know are enjoyed and appreciated by many in this town.

“I’m pleased that we were able to help them continue their good work and I look forward to this year’s celebrations.”