Boba is on the hunt for a loving home

Boba is looking for a loving home SUS-170905-095023001
Boba is looking for a loving home SUS-170905-095023001

The Bluebell Ridge Cat Rehoming Centre, Chowns Hill, Hastings is desperately looking for someone who has experience with Bengal cats and would be able to give one of their current residents a permanent loving home.

Boba is a Bengal male cat who is six months old and has a lot of energy. Myra Grove, Centre Manger for Bluebell Ridge says Bengals are a very intelligent breed and need a lot of stimulation. “This is why Boba is finding it extremely difficult being at the cattery,” she said.

“We are looking for an older family who have experience of this breed.

“Boba will need to be the only pet of the household and ideally, he needs a rural or semi-rural environment where there aren’t many neighbourhood cats.”

Myra says adopting from the RSPCA is one of the best and most responsible ways to bring an animal into your home. “All the cats at Bluebell Ridge are vaccinated, microchipped, de-wormed and de-flead. Males are castrated and females are spayed.”

Anyone interested in giving Boba a home is asked to call 01424 752121 or visit the centre which is open 11-3pm every day, except Thursdays.

Bluebell Ridge is owned and operated by the Sussex East and Hastings branch of the RSPCA. It is a separate charity within the national body and entirely self-financing. For further information: