Blood, sweat and cheers - Dynasty Reigns supreme

Dynasty Reign cheerleading family SUS-150226-085237001
Dynasty Reign cheerleading family SUS-150226-085237001

Hastings has a new cheerleading team that’s planning to kick the competition into touch at upcoming events.

The newly-formed Dynasty Reign cheerleading team trains at Hastings Kickboxing Academy.

Head coach Ashleigh Rowe, 22, and her coaches, Sophie Homewood, 19, Aimee Homewood, 17, Shanie Watson, 18, and Phoebe Hicks, 20, have a passion for cheerleading and have participated competitively in the sport for the past eight years.

It was Ashleigh’s idea to start a team that is not only competitive but a tight-knit family.

She said: “After being a part of the sport and a member of different teams for the past eight years I decided I wanted more.

“It was time for me to start my own team. I started Dynasty Reign with a group of close friends alongside whom I have met over the years within the sport.

“Cheerleading brings together people of all ages and teaches team work and discipline in a fun-filled yet hard working environment.

“It is our aim to promote cheerleading at all levels providing opportunities for recreation and competition to encourage more children and young adults to participate in sport. We are not just a cheerleading team, we are a family.”

She added: “Our main aim is to create a family atmosphere while learning the skills and techniques needed to be a competitive cheerleader.”

Ashley says that, contrary to belief, cheerleading is not just a sport for girls and there are plenty of male cheerleaders worldwide, she said: “We started training in January this year and already have more than 30 members; boys and girls aged from four years up, all very excited to start competing.”

Coach Shanie believes that Dynasty Reign will go far. She said: “I knew that it was going to be great. I am so impressed with all our cheerleaders and extremely proud to be a part of such an amazing cheer family. A massive well done to Ashleigh for all her hard work; this wouldn’t have been possible without her.”

And coach Aimee says she loves being part of such an exciting, hard-working and fun sport, adding: “It is lovely to see the team improving week after week and knowing I have been a part of helping them improve.”

The team thanks Constantine Construction for its generous sponsorship and invites anyone who would like to sponsor the team - to help provide uniforms and equipment - to get in touch.

Dynasty Reign wish all other cheerleading teams in Hastings the best of luck in upcoming competitions, and welcome new members.

For further details call 07463 757501 or