Bid for Bexhill to Hastings Link Road judicial review refused

CAMPAIGNERS’ attempts to secure a judicial review on the Bexhill to Hastings Link Road have failed.

Today (Friday October 5), the High Court rejected Hastings Alliance’s legal challenge, which follows last weekend’s demonstration against the scheme at the Combe Haven Valley.

Hastings Alliance chairman Nick Bingham said: “We remain convinced that this costly, unsustainable and damaging scheme, to be funded by taxpayers, is not the answer to the problems in Bexhill and Hastings, and that alternatives have not been fully and properly examined.

“The development has a strong and risky speculative nature and is not a good use of scarce public funds.

“Put simply, this road scheme will be a needless blot on the landscape of a beautiful county. We will now consider our position and examine very carefully further options: the West Coast Main Line story reminds us government doesn’t necessarily make good financial decisions on transport.”