Bexhill resident hits out at ‘rubbish’ new seafront flower display

A Bexhill resident has criticised the council’s decision to replace the seafront’s flower beds with 12 flower towers, calling them ‘rubbish’.

Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 6:06 pm
Andrew Crotty with the new plant pots in Bexhill

Andrew Crotty, 45, of Western Road, said the new three-tier towers – which are more than 6ft tall – were installed in De La Warr Parade without residents being consulted.

He said: “We used to have flower beds which would be decorated for the Royal British Legion and during Remembrance.

“Now we’ve got these towers which are too tall and there are too many of them.

Mr Crotty said he liked the car display but said it is 'already rusting'

“Some people have told me they like them but I don’t know how they can. Others have said they’re horrible. It’s overkill and it doesn’t look right. The floral car they’ve installed looks like a good idea but that’s rusting already so that’s not going to last.

“They’ve put down new grass at the base of the towers and it just looks rubbish. The towers are horrible and ugly. They are too high. They must be about 6ft 2in high because I’m 6ft and they’re quite high up.”

Mr Crotty, who has just been elected to the Bexhill Town Forum, called on the council to take care of the town as he called for the introduction of a town council to give residents a say on future decisions.

He added: “The independent businesses here are suffering and we need to look out for the town.

“I think this whole thing just goes to show that we need to have a town council.

“We were never consulted about this but if we had a town council then we would get a say on things like this.”

In response, a spokesman for Rother District Council explained why the new displays have been installed.

The spokesman said: “Unfortunately we have problems with an invasive perennial weed in our seafront flower beds, which has proved difficult to keep under control and detracts from the summer display.

“In a bid to deal with the problem, and to create eye-catching displays, we have decided to replace the beds with 12 flower towers. In addition, we are introducing a carpet bedding display in the form of a 1930s car which has been sponsored by our grounds maintenance contractor, idverde.

“We hope the new displays will have a wide appeal, having already attracted positive comments, and continue to brighten up the seafront.”

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