Bereaved father found dead after overdose

A GRIEF-stricken father, who never got over the death of his son, was found dead by his friend after he overdosed on drugs.

Graham Stockell, 35, was staying at James Kyte’s flat in Chapel Park Road, St Leonards, for a few days because he was homeless.

Mr Kyte had been asleep for a while but then found his friend in the bedroom before calling an ambulance.

An inquest into Mr Stockell’s death, which happened on August 26 last year, was held on Wednesday.

In a statement, Mr Kyte said: “I saw him lying in the bedroom. I shook him to waken him but he was ice cold.”

Another friend, Robert Waldron, who knew Mr Stockell for two years, tried to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before paramedics arrived.

He said: “We were at a party in the next flat when James came in saying he thought Geordie, as Graham was known as, had died.

“I was very shocked by the whole event. Geordie drank a lot because he never came to terms with the death of his son.”

Angela Dade, who was also next door, said she found Mr Stockell covered in cardboard boxes and rubbish in a small room at Mr Kyte’s flat.

She said: “I knew him (Mr Stockell) as a vulnerable lonely street drinker. He used to sleep fully clothed so he could run at a moment’s notice.”

The inquest heard Mr Stockell suffered from alcohol abuse since 2002 and admitted using heroin and crack cocaine.

Dr Ian Hawley, the pathologist who carried out the post mortem, said Mr Stockell died after taking too much heroin and alcohol and said the level was consistent with “severe” toxicity.

Coroner Alan Craze recorded a verdict of death through dependence on drugs.