Beggar asked policeman for money

Dean Langley
Dean Langley

A NOTORIOUS beggar ended up in court after asking an off-duty police officer for money in the town centre.

Dean Langley, 30, of Bexhill, was in Havelock Road at about 2.45pm on Monday when he asked the police community support officer (PCSO) if he could spare any change. Langley was arrested and charged with begging under the Vagrancy Act.

Langley is well-known to the police after being caught begging on several occasions and he was arrested in the summer after infuriating drinkers at The Anchor Inn in George Street by playing the same two songs over and over again. He came before Hastings Magistrates Court on Tuesday where he was given an 18-month conditional discharge. This week police also charged 22-year-old Martin Yeatman of Marina, St Leonards with begging.

He was arrested at around 11.20am on Tuesday morning near Priory Meadow shopping centre and will appear before Hastings Magistrates Court on Thursday morning to answer the charge.