Be early for Stade Saturdays spectacular

WORLD-FAMOUS street theatre company Close Act are bringing a show to wow the crowds to The Stade.

Hundreds of fans are expected at The Stade Open Space tomorrow (Saturday) evening for the performance at 10pm, and advice is to get there by 9.45pm.

The show, Pi Leau, combines dance, acrobatics, music and pyrotechnics, and is part of the Stade Saturdays programme of events.

Councillor Peter Chowney, lead member for regeneration, said: “On a practical note, several roads will be closed between 8pm and 11pm on Saturday, including Rock-a-Nore Road and car park, parts of the A259 and All Saints Street. The best way to get to the site is to walk if at all possible. The event itself starts at 10pm but we would advise getting there earlier to make sure you get a good position.

“Pi Leau is just part of the story too. If you want an early taste of the evening’s entertainment you’ll be able to catch a parade through the town centre from noon, which will make its way to Alexandra Park for 3pm. You’ll be treated to performances and drumming from local groups who have been working with the Close Act team.”

Those too curious to wait for nightfall will have the chance to follow an eye-catching preview of the evening’s performance in the town centre and Alexandra Park.

Starting at Robertson Street at 11.45am, Close Act will give pop-up performances in Wellington Place and Priory Meadow, and again from 2.45pm in the park, on Saturday.

More than 40 local people trained under the Hastings Marshals scheme will be stewards for the Pi Leau event.

For more information about the Council’s Stade Saturdays programme contact: