Barby's tribute to beloved Gabby

Animal Sanctuary owner, Barby Keel is not known for resting on her laurels and whilst many ladies of a certain age would be content to put their feet up Barby continues her life's work at the sanctuary and has now written a book about one four-legged friend that is particularly close to her heart.

Wednesday, 11th July 2018, 5:58 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 6:46 pm
Gabby (left) snuggles up to Barby SUS-181107-162914001

Barby has run her sanctuary at Freezeland Lane, Sidley for 54 years. It all began when, at the age of 28, she bought four acres of land for £1,400, built her own home brick by brick, and then dedicated her life to caring for animals who were often dumped at her door.

In her book she tells the story of Gabby. In her short life, eight year old Gabby has never been allowed outside. From being a puppy, she was kept prisoner inside the cramped home of her elderly owners. When they moved into a nursing home, Gabby got a taste of freedom and a chance at a new life. But, unable to cope with the needs of a traumatised little dog, her new owners abandoned her.

Gabby then arrived at Barby’s door. Barby is a force of nature who never gives up on an animal, no matter how damaged, Gabby was terrified of the outside world, unable to bark or play,

Gabby The little dog who had to learn how to bark by Barby Keel Published by Trapeze on September 8, 2018 Paperback Original ?7.99, eBook ?4.99 SUS-181107-161714001

Using her years of experience, love, and the help of rescue dog Harry, Barby slowly began to unlock the happy spirit trapped inside Gabby. But before long, tragedy struck when Barby discovered a lump in her breast. Facing one of the most difficult decisions of her life, Barby seeks solace in caring for Gabby, the rescue dog that rescues her.

Gabby The little dog who had to learn how to bark by Barby Keel is Published by Trapeze on September 6. Paperback Original £7.99, eBook £4.99.