Ban on keeping animals is upheld

A CRUEL cat owner who kept a colony of 50 felines in her house has had her ban on keeping animals upheld after an appeal at Lewes Crown Court.

Sarah Taylor, 37, of Parkwood Road, was appealing against at 10-year ban on keeping any animals imposed by Hasting Magistrates in October 2009.

Taylor and her partner Michael Goodwin, 52, also of Parkwood Road, were both found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering and not meeting the needs of the cats and kittens by keeping them in squalid and insanitary conditions at the original trial.

As well being banned, Taylor and Goodwin were not allowed to appeal against the disqualification order within seven years.

They were also ordered to pay £683 costs each, and to give up any animals they were keeping.

Taylor and Goodwin launched an appeal against the sentence which was heard at Lewes Crown Court on Friday 10th December. Goodwin was successful in his appeal against the original sentence.

Taylor’s ten year ban on keeping animals was reduced to six years, and the seven year ban on appealing against the order reduced to two years by the crown court.

Taylor was also ordered to pay £250 towards the appeal costs.

- See footage of the cat’s poor living conditions at