Balmy weather draws in tourists

Enjoying late September sunshine on Hastings beach
Enjoying late September sunshine on Hastings beach

THE onset of autumn often brings high winds and rain.

But temperatures in the last few days have been more akin to the Mediterranean in the middle of August, rather than the end of September in 1066 Country.

And with the mercury predicted to rise this weekend, temperatures could reach record-breaking levels for this time of year.

The Indian summer is welcome news for traders and other businesses which struggled throughout the summer, with a soggy August and torrential rain.

Kevin Boorman, marketing manager for Hastings Borough Council (HBC), said the town’s attractions were seeing plenty of visitors.

He said: “I had a meeting with the various attractions on Wednesday afternoon and they are all optimistic about this weekend.

“After wet weather during the Seafood and Wine Festival, it would be a nice bonus to have fine weather. With the forecast this weekend it is a real fillip for this time of year.

“There is a good chance of tomorrow (Saturday) being the hottest October day on record.”

David Powell, the council’s meteorologist, said the warm spell was a welcome break from the recent bad weather.

He said: “September has been poor so far. The beginning of the month was very dull and cool. The hottest September we have had was in 1911 when it reached 28.3 degrees Celsius (C), the average for the month being around 18C.

“It has only been in the last week that things have brightened up because there is high pressure over the continent around Eastern Europe and low pressure moving north from Ireland. This is pulling the air up from the Mediterranean and the Sahara at the moment, giving us the present hot weather.

“On Wednesday in Hastings it reached 24C.

“This high pressure is pretty strong and I think this spell is going to carry on until at least the beginning of next week.”

According to the Met Office, it is expected to hit 29C in London at the weekend but here in 1066 Country the weather for tomorrow is sunny with 21C being the top temperature and cloud on Sunday, again temperatures reaching 21C.