Author’s new book based on real-life events

A ST LEONARDS author has just published a new novel set in the town and based on his own experiences.

Mark Cunnington’s eighth novel, The Fear, is about a middle-aged man, John Alfred Dennett, striving to protect two generations of his family.

Mark Cunnington with his new book The Fear

Mark Cunnington with his new book The Fear

John dreams of his 15-year-old son becoming a professional football player but suffers from a recurring nightmare, haunted by events of the past.

The author’s previous seven novels, which are part of his popular The Syndicate series, were all set in the world of carp fishing. But this latest endeavour is a departure from fishing and although fictionalised, The Fear, is based on Mark’s own life.

The 55-year-old said: “I started out writing magazine reviews and articles about the lives of people who are passionate about fishing. It taught me how to tell a tale and I really developed my craft, but it would be nice to move away from writing about fishing and reach a wider audience.”

The novel deals with the dementia of the protagonist’s parents and a traumatic event which affects the whole family and, as Mark explains, it was not always easy to write about.

He said: “When writing The Fear, I didn’t have to imagine anything much as it was based on real life, things that had actually happened, so from that point of view I just got it down. However, there were parts that were very emotionally draining to write and I had to stop for a few weeks and go back to it.”

The book is available from most major book retailers and at priced £8.99. It is also available on Kindle from Amazon for £5.86 at