Artists invited to highlight elephant plight

ELEPHANT loving locals are trying to collect a piece of art for each of the 36,000 elephants killed as a result of man last year alone.

Thom Kofoed and his friend Zelly, both from Hastings, have started a campaign called Elephant for Elephant and are appealing to local artists to submit work based on the animals in a bid to raises awareness of the tens of thousands who die each year.

Mr Kofoed explained: “In 2013, 36,000 African Elephants died as a result of human interaction of some kind and we are aiming to replace each one with a piece of art work - any kind of artwork, no limits on what can be created.

“Thirty six thousand is a huge number and we’re looking for the help of the world to reach our target. It’s going to take a lot of work but we want to raise awareness of the elephants’ plight.

“We are both long time Hastings residents and love the ever-growing art scene of our town and hope that the people here would get behind us on our mission.”

And he gave these instructions to people planning on taking part: “Using your imagination think of the elephants and draw a picture, sew, paint, make a sculpture, write a poem or a story then send us your finished work.

“Every elephant in your art work counts. So, if you paint three in one painting, we will add three to our elephant counter.

“Prints of all digital work will be available to buy at a cost of £5 each + postage and packaging. Once we have 36,000 Elephants our aim is to hold an auction of the original artworks with all proceeds going to our chosen elephant charities.”

More information on the campaign – including how to submit work - is available online at or on Facebook at