Artists in the frame with school children

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ARTISTS teamed up with the borough’s primary schoolchildren to work on a special project based on the Famously Hastings initiative.

The borough council joined forces with the Education Futures Trust to work on the theme of transition from primary to secondary school.

Famously Hastings logo

Famously Hastings logo

Schoolchildren are being asked to produce one single piece of work into a piece of work which incorporates art, maths and writing, all related to ‘Famously Hastings’.

All children were given a stencil to use and then keep. They were guided by local artists led by Ed Boxall.

Kevin Boorman, head of communications the council, said: “One of the areas we are keen to promote is Hastings as a great place to study. We’ve already had successes with the University of Brighton and Sussex Coast College Hastings, and are now working with every year six student as part of their transition from primary school, through the Education Futures Trust here in Hastings. Artists are going into every primary school in town to work with students to produce a single piece of work which incorporates art, maths and writing, all related to ‘Famously Hastings’. This work will go with them to their senior school, and show teachers there what level they have reached. A copy of every piece of work will also be displayed on Hastings seafront later this summer.

Carole Dixon, chief executive of the Education Futures Trust, added, “The input of the artists, funded by the council, has significantly enriched the opportunities for all of the children. We look forward to seeing the work displayed around the town over the summer.”

And Tsai Tenn, Principal at The Baird, said: “The Baird Primary Academy encourages positive transition work to prepare students for secondary education. Students have incorporated local themes in their project work including the Pier, the fishing huts, beach huts and the castle. One said ‘we all had a fantastic time with Ed and enjoyed the informative workshop.”