Application to ban For Sale signs on seafront goes ahead

THE council has applied to the Secretary of State to allow it to continue banning For Sale and To Let signs on the seafront.

At a recent meeting of the authority’s cabinet, councillors on the committee voted to apply to the Government for the ban.

There is an almost blanket ban on estate agents’ boards on the seafront between Grosvenor Gardens in St Leonards and Pelham Crescent, except for a small strip in the middle.

The measure was brought in in 2009 by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government following a request by Hastings Borough Council.

Councillors were concerned over the large numbers of For Sale and To Let signs along the seafront, sometimes with more than 100 on display.

They thought they were making the town look scruffy and damaging its image.

The existing direction is due to expire in November this year so councillors at the recent cabinet meeting agreed to support its renewal.

The authority wrote to estate agents and community groups with an interest in the seafront area seeking their views on an extension of the policy.

A public consultation was launched on the council’s website which ended on February 26.

The results of the consultation supported an extension to the ban.

Monica Adams-Acton, the council’s head of regeneration and planning policy, submitted a report at the cabinet meeting on March 31 recommending the application be made to the Secretary of State.

She said: “It is considered that the direction has worked well and has led to a marked improvement in the appearance of the seafront area. It was recommended that the council applies to the Secretary of State for the renewal of the direction on a permanent basis.”