Appeal for specialist toys for autistic boy’s 4th birthday


The parents of a disabled boy are trying to raise enough money to buy him some specialist toys for his fourth birthday.

Wiktor Grdusiak was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder after his parents raised concerns about his delayed speech and reluctance to communicate, his poor listening skills, his anger and aggressiveness.



Wiktor is non-verbal and can throw extreme tantrums when he is stopped from an activity or when he does not get his way. He also has no awareness of danger.

The Grdusiak family, who originally hail from Poland, lived in London before moving to the Hastings area six months ago.

Wiktor’s mother Justyna said: “Here Wiktor started nursery and he is learning everything day after day, at home and at the nursery.

“Wiktor cannot play with his younger brother, but he tries.

“I spend all time with my two sons and I am doing everything I can take Wiktor out of his world.”

Justyna is trying to raise money to buy Wiktor some specialist sensory toys and is appealing for the public’s help to reach her £398.36 target via her Just Giving page.

She said: “It’s hard for Wiktor to focus on one activity for long.

“It is vital for autistic children to have toys that are both suitable and that would help with hyperactivity.

“It would help him to focus for longer periods, seek sensory feedback and reach the full potential of his development.”

She added: “I am a full time mum, I would like to help my husband who is working hard for our family and to raise money for toys for our son.

“We are a new family in the area so we don’t have family or friends.

“Wiktor doesn’t have friends and never had birthday party so I as a mother I would like give him toys which are for children like Wiktor, but they are too expensive.”

The charity Caudwell Children, which provides family support services, equipment, treatment and therapies for disabled children and their families, has agreed to part fund the specialist toys, but the family has to find the outstanding balance.

To help make Wiktor’s birthday one to remember, visit