Anti Scientology protestors coming to Hastings

Anti Scientology campaigners are coming to Hastings later this month.

A protest group calling themselves Anonymous contacting The Observer this week to say they would be coming to town on Saturday October 27.

According to organisers they will direct their protests against two local organisations which the group claim have links to the controversial organisation.

The protestors are set to meet at St Leonards Warrior Square station at 11.30am before marching to picket outside a property in Albany Road.

Later in the day they will then move to Hastings where they plan to target a scientology mission in Queens Arcade.

Scientology is a controversial belief system based on practices created by American science fiction author L Ron Hubbard.

Despite being formed more than 50 years ago, Scientology has shot into the limelight in recent years after a string of celebrities flocked to the cause.

These include Hollywood A-listers John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.