Another rogue sign gets spotted

HERE is one road sign that would not have cleared a computer spellcheck.

An eagle-eyed reader brought the error to our attention after driving along Station Approach.

Godfrey Daniel, county councillor for Braybrooke and Castle Wards, said: “Someone has obviously taken the P.”

He added: “I have reported it to the council, but mistakes happen.”

This is the third Hastings road sign typo to be spotted this year.

In January, a sign at the junction of Queensway and Napier Road proclaimed London was a mere 41 miles away, while in February, a motorist noticed that the sign for Folkestone at the Conquest roundabout was missing an ‘e’.

Kathryn Langley, spokesman for East Sussex County Council, said: “This sign was put in by the contractor that carried out the Station Plaza redevelopment work – it doesn’t belong to us as it’s not on an adopted road. We have, though, ordered a new sign to replace the one that’s been wrongly spelt.”