Amazing icicles! West Hill lift up and running despite freeze

West Hill Lift Icicles SUS-180203-093933001
West Hill Lift Icicles SUS-180203-093933001

Giant icicles formed in the interior of the West Hill Lift funicular railway thsi week as it opened for the start of the summer season.

Kevin Boorman, from Hastings Borough Council, said: “It’s not just Network Rail who have icicles in their tunnels. Long icicles have formed inside the tunnel of Hastings’ West Hill Lift, a 126 year old funicular railway which still operates in Hastings - ironically on the first day of its summer opening programme, which started on March 1.

“Icicles like this have not been seen here for over 20 years.”

The lift has stations in George Street and the West Hill and carries passengers from the seafront to the West Hill and popular visitor attractions Hastings Castle and the Smugglers Adventure.

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