Alcoholism speaker appeals to Hastings drinkers to show up

The trustee of a major alcoholism charity has urged problem drinkers in Hastings to begin their recovery at a public meeting next Wednesday.

Paul Myles, a non-alcoholic trustee and board member of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), is lead speaker at a free public seminar on September 24 in the White Rock Theatre. The seminar will explain how the AA works with help from East Sussex County Council and the NHS to help alcoholics regain control of their lives.

Paul, who went to the Archery Road campus of Hastings College, now works as a psychologist specialising in substance misuse.

Of his four years as an AA trustee he said: “It’s been uplifting to see people recover their lives and live normally and happily. To those thinking of coming next Wednesday, I would say: go to the meeting. Find someone who’s had the same problem and talk to them about it.”

Paul played down the religious associations of the AA, saying there was “much more flexibility than people think” about the belief structure that is marketed as part of the AA’s 12-step process.

He added: “I’m very fond of Hastings and I’m very happy to be asked to speak.”

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