Alcohol licence is revoked at town centre kebab shop

18/9/13- Erol's Kebab Shop, Hastings
18/9/13- Erol's Kebab Shop, Hastings

A KEBAB shop has had its alcohol licence revoked after being caught selling counterfeit booze to customers.

Erol’s Kebab & Steak House in Queens Road has previously been allowed to sell alcohol to customers eating in but Hastings Borough Council this week decided to call a halt to that after several late night visits from police and Trading Standards found staff breaching the conditions of the licence.

Officers found both illicit and counterfeit alcohol was being sold as so called off sales to customers buying take away food. It was also caught operating beyond its licence hours and continued to do so despite a warning visit from local police.

A meeting of the council’s licensing committee this week saw the premises licence holder accept the evidence presented against his business – although he has 21 days in which to launch an appeal during which he will be able to continue trading as before.

The committee’s decision will not impact on the business’s ability to sell food – although this will be limited to before 11pm.

Councillor Jay Kramer, the head of the council’s environmental services, said: “This is a strong but necessary measure to ensure that premises trading late at night clearly comply with the law, which has been designed to protect the public.

“Hopefully it sends a message to other such establishments that the council will support its partner agencies in dealing with illegal activities.”