Action call is made to curb road chaos

COUNCILLORS have called for more to be done to reduce disruption caused by road works across the town.

They said many residents and businesses were frustrated over badly-timed works and effects on trade and added more effective communication was needed between East Sussex County Council, businesses, the borough council and residents to avoid disruption.

Verna Connolly, the council’s executive manager for people and organisational development, presented her report to the council’s cabinet committee on Monday.

In it she said: “The main issue for residents and businesses is the perceived lack of co-ordination of road works within the borough and the impact this has on the community and businesses.

“There have been concerns that some businesses have suffered losses due to the timing of road works.”

Cllr John Hodges said: “This all kicked off out of the sheer frustration from residents and businesses, especially two Christmases ago with the road works in Bohemia Road.

“This killed off trade and showed little consideration for anybody.”

Cllr Peter Finch said: “Traffic lights seem to be put up everywhere for the most minor road works, and in most cases are unnecessary. There needs to be more monitoring.

“The most frustrating thing is seeing long lines of traffic cones and no one seems to be working.”

Cllr Finch said on many occasions ‘uncomplimentary adjectives’ were often used to blame Hastings Borough Council (HBC) for road work disruption when many people did not know the county council has the responsibility to maintain roads.

He said: “I really think we should be putting out press releases to say why these works are taking place.”

Councillors voted for a new code of conduct to be drawn up to increase communication between the county council’s highways department and HBC, to write to the Secretary of State for Transport expressing its concerns and compiling a list of streets around town which hold special significance so as to make sure like for like replacements are put in.