Academy students explore issues of peer pressure

STUDENTS at ARK William Parker Academy (AWPA) took part in two weeks of workshops in order to raise awareness of bullying and developing tolerance of each other.

The event was run by Humanutopia, a social enterprise company that runs inspirational, life-changing courses for young people across the UK.

The Who Are You? workshop focused on the key areas of peer pressure/conformity, bullying, developing tolerance and empathy for each other. Some exercises involved students having to follow an accelerating sequence of instructions with increasingly hilarious and surreal results.

A number of year 10 students volunteered to become ‘Heroes’ – positive role models - who did a day of training and then worked with year eight students to co-deliver the Who Are You? day. Alex Trundle, year 10 ‘Hero’, said: “In the end, we in year 10 have learned about the feelings and experiences of others, and this has forced me to have a re-think and look at my own behaviour, to the point where I think we have to change how things have been.”