Abandoned Staffordshire puppies seek new homes

Three of the puppies which were dropped off at Mallydams
Three of the puppies which were dropped off at Mallydams

SIX Staffordshire puppies are looking for new homes after being abandoned.

The six-week-old dogs were brought in to the RSPCA’s Mallydams Wildlife Centre in Fairlight the day before Christmas Eve.

The pups, both males and females, called Zihi, Mufti, Joy, Sebi, Marshi, Sean, are a mixture of colours, including brindle and black and white.

They have been moved to RSPCA Patcham near Brighton, where centre manager Jenny Wells said: “They are in reasonable condition but they are really too young to have left their mother.

“In a couple of weeks these puppies will be ready for rehoming, so if anyone is interested they can come forward now, subject to a successful home visit.

“Many people are still breeding Staffies because they think it is a good way to make a few hundred pounds at Christmas time.

“However, we know that there are lots of Staffies out there, and there are not enough homes for them.

“We encourage people to have their Staffies neutered through our free scheme.

“We are also short of animal feed, especially for rabbits, dogs and cats, due to the bad weather because some deliveries failed to reach us.

“If anyone has any food they can donate, we would be grateful.”

For more details call the centre on 01273 554218.