A message from the editor-in-chief

AS a newspaper, we’re quick to point the finger when someone else puts up their prices - especially when it’s the local council and you have no choice but to pay the extra tax.

So it seems only fair to warn you that we are, very reluctantly, increasing the cost of your Observer next week by 5p. This is a challenging time for newspapers. We need to raise the price to meet overheads such as the rising costs of print, paper and transportation. We want to ensure we continue to bring you the best possible coverage of all this area’s news, sports, opinion, entertainment, details of what’s on and much more. Behind the scenes we have achieved enormous efficiencies but we have maintained a strong local network of journalists to report on the issues that most matter to you. We know a price rise is far from ideal. Thanks to you, our loyal readers, the Observer series remains one of the largest weekly newspapers in the UK. And that support has allowed us to continue to grow and to bring you bigger newspapers than ever. If you’re an existing subscriber, your vouchers will be accepted by retailers at the new price and the current price of a standard subscription will remain the same. For those of you who want to avoid paying the increase, why not lock in the old price by subscribing? Not only do you beat the price rise, you will also get an additional discount of up to 25 per cent when you pay by direct debit – saving you a significant amount on the new price. It’s easy. Just log on to www.localsubsplus.co.uk and select your paper from the list and follow the instructions, or call 0844 991 6464. And if you feel we could do things better and improve your Observer, please do write to me. Keith Ridley, Editor-in-Chief.