A famous campaign for a famous town

TODAY the Observer joins forces with Hastings Borough Council to launch a major new campaign to promote our seaside towns as the place to be in 2014.

Our Famously Hastings project follows the recent highly successful I Love Hastings campaign which set the benchmark for what we plan to achieve.

Jeremy Birch pictured on the East Hill steps, 2/1/14.

Jeremy Birch pictured on the East Hill steps, 2/1/14.

As our famous pier begins to rise from the ashes we want to start the new year with a bang and set tongues wagging about our town across the south coast of England and beyond.

With a £15m pier now under way and major new road investment well into its construction, Famously Hastings aims to put the zing back into Hastings.

The council will be working alongside key businesses and other organisations to get the message across and help drive up our economy and tourism.

There is no seaside town in the land that has a bigger spread of cultural events all year round and we want to get that message out there.

The council has launched a new website to celebrate the campaign called famouslyhastings.com and The Observer will be backing it all the way.

Council leader Jeremy Birch said: “Hastings is a great place to live, work, visit, shop and invest.

“We know that and so does everybody who comes here. But some of the more unfortunate stories which appeared in the national press 15 or so years ago and repeated today do us no good at all.

“So we have developed a campaign which we will focus on all of the very many good things there are to do here. We are occasionally accused of looking back in the past, to 1066. We know we are very forward looking, but cannot deny that, because of the battle, we are very famous. Indeed the most famous town in the world.

“We’re quirky, too, so we can say we are famously green, not just because of the very sustainable projects that are undertaken here, but also because of Jack in the Green. And we are certainly famously switched-on, not just because we have a thriving cluster of high-tech industries here, but because television was invented here. And the world crazy golf championships prove that we are famously crazy.

“And it’s not just about Hastings Borough Council. We will be working with private businesses and other organizations such as the college and university to make sure that we give out a clear, positive message about Hastings, and what a famously fantastic place it is. Our new website, famouslyhastings.com, shows what progress we have already made.”

Observer group editor, Keith Ridley, added: “My career in newspapers has given my the privilege of working in a number of towns, but none so special as Hastings in terms of people’s passion for the place they call home.

“As the local media, we can’t hide from some of the hash realities of life. But we can - and we will - celebrate the many aspects of life her that make this town so special. Let’s be proud of our place on the world map.”