£6,500 raised for vaccines

The Hastings Lions Club has purchased 20,000 life-saving measles vaccines.

At their April meeting the Lions Club was given a presentation on the One Shot One Life Lions Measles Initiative. From this the club learned that measles is totally preventable by vaccination yet still, today, there are 122,000 dying annually from the disease. In addition millions of others have life-changing side effects as a result of their illness including blindness, loss of hearing and pneumonia. Lions president, Vivienne Bond said: “This is a really worthwhile initiative. Our support will make so much difference to the lives of so many. The Lions donated £6,500. This is then matched and 20,000 vaccines purchased. Through the Lions Club International Foundation the vaccines are purchased and dispatched to the most needy areas. Vaccination clinics are then set up with transport being laid on to ensure everyone has an opportunity to benefit. Over the last year Hastings Lions has donated more than £65,000 in grants and assistance. More than 80 per cent of this money is donated to good causes in Hastings and St Leonards.