17 Hastings Pier Jam clean-up team members fail to turn up for work

The organisers of Saturday night's Pier Jam event said they were let down by more than 17 members of staff who failed to show up on the day.

Monday, 10th September 2018, 2:49 pm
Updated Monday, 10th September 2018, 2:53 pm
The rubbish left on Hastings Pier. Picture: Mark Dyson

Pier Jam UK has come into criticism from visitors to Hastings Pier after a large amount of rubbish remained on the attraction on Sunday morning.

Responding to this criticism, a spokesman for One UK Events, which organised the clean up operation, said: “The event was hugely successful but unfortunately we were let down by over 17 staff members not showing up on the day. Rubbish points were installed around the perimeter of the pier. The entire event space had Heras fencing installed to prevent any rubbish being blown on to the beach.

“Rubbish clean should have happened over night but the arranged cleaning team let us down.”

The spokesman said One UK Events did not want to leave the rubbish until after the weekend so recruited local firm Fineshine to help with the clear up.

The spokesman added: “The local firm Fineshine undertook an incredible task and got everything cleaned the following day for which they should be commended.

“Events of this nature always create a high volume of rubbish but we were undermanned and not fast enough in dealing with this for which we apologise.”

Among the criticism aimed at the event organisers was the impact the rubbish would have if it ended up in the sea.

As a result, One UK Events said the full cost of the wages of the staff that did not show would be donated to the charity Plastic Oceans. The spokesman said this was ‘in case any of the rubbish blew onto the beach over night’.

Hastings Borough Council and the owner of Hastings Pier have been approached for comment.

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