£16,500 plan to boost park life

Alexandra Park
Alexandra Park

A £16,500 PROJECT to boost the habitat and wildlife potential of Alexandra Park is about to get under way.

The plans involve planting, pond restoration and improvements to fencing, interpretation panels and nesting boxes in the Shornden Meadow, Shornden Conservation Area and Buckshole Catchment Pond in the park.

The work is being undertaken by the Alexandra Park Volunteer Team led by park ranger Nick Hennessy.

He said: “We are very excited to be starting work on the project.

“It is fantastic that we will be able to make the park a more diverse and sustainable habitat for so many types of wildlife, which will be enjoyed by the whole community.”

The range of flowers growing will be increased and nesting habitats, food and protection for birds will be provided by planting mixed native hedges in the Shornden Meadow – a recognised Site of Nature Conservation Importance – and the Shornden Conservation Area.

Nesting boxes will also be erected throughout the park to attract bird species such as grey wagtails, mallard ducks, moorhens, herons and native songbirds.

Aquatic habitats in the Buckshole Catchment Pond will be enhanced through planting along its edge, providing much-needed habitats for aquatic invertebrates and protection for water fowl. Nesting platforms will also be installed for birds.

Funding comes from Hastings Borough Council, Friends of Alexandra Park, Unison and The Veolia Environmental Trust who awarded a grant of £10,000 through the Landfill Communities Fund.