150 people at protest camp against link road

Protest camp at Combe Haven
Protest camp at Combe Haven

AROUND 150 people attended the Combe Haven protest camp against the link road this weekend.

Objectors to the £100 million scheme converged at a site in Crowhurst yesterday (Saturday) and today (Sunday).

They heard rousing speeches, including one from transport campaigner John Stewart, took part in workshops and were entertained by live music.

Among the demonstrators was Derrick Coffee, of the Hastings Alliance, who said: “Combe Haven is a cherished place for many people in this area and we are not going to let it go without a fight.

“There were concerns and anger from people yesterday that so much public money is being spent on this at a time of austerity. But there was also a lot of enjoyment of each other’s company and the surroundings.”