£11,000 earmarked by council to boost evening economy

A TOTAL of £11,000 of council funds has been allocated to supporting the town’s evening economy.

The town centre Christmas market is to benefit from £7,000, allowing the evening opening hours to be extended.

The hope is that this will also benefit other local businesses by increasing the number of people remaining in the town centre.

Events management training for students at the University of Brighton in Hastings, run through the Students Union, is to be funded by £2,000 from this pot.

The students will then put on their own events in pubs and bars around town.

The idea is for this to be a seed fund, with donations from businesses hopefully to follow.

St Leonards town centre is to receive £2,000. What this money will be spent on has yet to be decided, but it may be added to the £10,000 of Government funding which went to the St Leonards Town Team, to revitalize the area, following its unsuccessful Portas Pilot bid.

A map of bars and restaurants in the town centre, Old Town, and St Leonards is also to be produced, to assist visitors.