Godfrey Daniel
Godfrey Daniel

BY 5pm today a near lifetime of working in local government could all just be fond memories for Godfrey Daniel.

The 62-year-old Hastings Borough Councillor will learn whether he secured enough votes to win the Police and Crime Commissioner election for Sussex.

After a whistlestop tour of Hastings borough and outlying villages yesterday, the Labour candidate will today stand on the podium at the Corn Exchange in Brighton to hear his fate.

It is the end of three months of non-stop campaigning which has taken him to every corner of East and West Sussex.

From Pease Pottage in the north, to Chichester in the west and Rye in the east, Cllr Daniel has covered hundreds of miles to get his message across to voters.

And the last 24 hours were crucial when it came to getting people out to vote in an election which has failed to capture the imagination.

Turnout yesterday was not expected to be much more than 18 per cent in the first election of its kind.

And even Cllr Daniel struggles to understand the need for the new role.

“I was not in favour of it at all,” he said. “I just don’t think it’s the best system we could have.

“But if we’re going to have a Commissioner then it better be done by someone who could be good at it.”

If successful, Cllr Daniel will give up his role as a magistrate which he has done for 23 years.

A 20-year career serving Braybrooke ward on the council would also come to an end.

He said: “My time working on the bench would stand me in good stead. I would have to give up my political career which I have enjoyed.

“But this would be a new kind of challenge - it’s more than a full time role.

“I have been well received across the county.

“Sussex has wonderful geography and people and it would be an honour to serve them.”