Town buzzing with riders for The Source BMX Battle of Hastings - review

The Source BMX Battle of Hastings was unable to go ahead last year due to lockdown restrictions so riders were especially eager to return last weekend.

Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 6:02 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th September 2021, 3:31 pm
The Source BMX Battle Of Hastings event 2021. Photo supplied by Source BMX. SUS-210914-125714001

Competitors from around the globe flooded the narrow streets of Hastings once again and the town was buzzing with riders.

Cafés were filled and Boyley Memorial Skatepark was brimming until dark, with the floodlights keeping people there well into the evening.

The Source Park is a real focal point on the seafront with The Courtyard drawing people from outside of the BMX world into the scene and giving them a chance to sample BMX culture.

Due to Covid, changes were made to this year’s event, including a one-way system, a capacity limit on the amount of people permitted in the venue, and proof of a negative test with your valid event ticket.

The lengths that Source BMX have gone to in order to make this event a possibility demonstrated its commitment to the culture, Hastings and the local people, including the multitude of young local people who spent their weekend working at the event.

It is plain to see that large scale events like these are crucial to towns, businesses and culture. Particularly towns, like Hastings, which rely heavily on their tourism industry.

Facilities such as The Source Park, and large scale events like The Battle Of Hastings are invaluable in bringing a variety of different people to the town who may not have visited Hastings otherwise.