Beside the Copper Sea - jewellery to make you swoon

Most of us have been there, you go online to buy something practical but find you have to buy a pack of ten.

Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 9:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 17th December 2019, 9:01 am

This was how Karina Evans started her business Copper Sea Jewellery in Hastings.

“I bought some earrings from a craft fair but when I wore them it made my ears itch,” she reveals.

“I went online to see what I could buy to make them hypoallergenic, but with these things you can’t buy just one, and then because of your search history more things come up and it just grows and grows – I couldn’t stop buying.”

Copper sea

Karina says it got to the point where she had made so many pairs of earrings that she had to start selling them.

As a self taught jewellery maker Karina used Pinterest to discover new wirework designs

“You can buy wire for a couple of pounds so it is a great material to get started with,” she explains.

“I then moved on to copper, which I think is a beautiful product. I much prefer it to gold as a metal as it is really interesting. For the earrings I put in sterling silver hooks so people don’t get green ears.”

Copper Sea

As her day job Karina works as a copywriter where she uses the computer all day, she says that making the jewellery gives her a chance to refocus both physically and mentally

“I have always made things with my kids and while I am enthusiastic certain projects don’t always turn out how I expected,” she smiles.

“I really got into sewing and me and the kids made Cath Kidston Stanley the dogs, and while I thought they were beautiful they really were bad but I enjoyed it.”

Once a week Karina goes to college to use the metal workshop, it was here that she learnt the basics and furthered the knowledge she picked up from Pinterest.

“At college I can use all their tools as they have more than I do,” she adds.

“There are people there doing copper bowls and jewellery, it is a great resource.

“Making jewellery has opened up this new lovely community that I had no idea about and Hastings is full of really interesting people making really interesting things.”

Karina describes her style as ‘industrial’ and a ‘bit steam punk’.

“I do also create delicate items but that is because I know people like them, I realised I couldn’t always just make the things I like and that you have to vary it as to what people will buy.

“I think my jewellery is quite contemporary wire work pieces, but I think they are statement items so not necessarily something that will be worn all the time.”

The earrings take about half an hour or so to make, but Karina has recently added flame paint to her repertoire.

“Each piece is completely unique,” she enthuses. “It all depends on the humidity in the air, how far away you are stood from it, things that would be hard to recreate again and again.”

Rather than make bespoke items for people Karina has the tools to customise pieces.

“On the bangles I use hammers which can create facets which are almost shimmery,” she says.

Alongside running her copywriting and social media management company Karina is also an author, with one of her books being made into a film.

“I do see the jewellery making as a hobby but I absolutely love doing it.”

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