Review: Carol Prior, The Beacon, St Mary’s Terrace, Friday, July 22

Carol Prior at The Beacon, Hastings
Carol Prior at The Beacon, Hastings

CAROL Prior’s show was titled Prim, Improper and in her Prime and this aptly describes the witty and celebratory tone of the evening.

She opened her set with a humorous and sensual belly dance and captivated her audience from the moment she appeared in her beautiful costume.

Accompanying herself on the guitar, she gave us many songs of her own composition, several from her album Sweet Precious Time.

We laughed, and there was the occasional tear, as she took us on holiday to the island of Lesbos, complete with sheep and margaritas.

She shared with us the joys and sorrows of moments of her life’s journey from working as an artist’s model to falling in love.

Carol set up and led the first community choir in Hastings - Shore Sounds, and established a close rapport with her audience at the West Hill artists collective The Beacon with some hilarious interactions as she encouraged us to join in some songs with her.

Judy Dewsbury hosted the event in the magical setting of her home, providing a delicious buffet and braziers in the garden. Thirty-five guests relaxed in comfort and enjoyed drinks, food and chat.

For details of Carol’s next concerts and workshops email her at By Barbara Marton