Local estate agents sign up to new property search portal

As we enter the annual Spring period of new growth, and colour returning to the garden, the UK property market is also set for new growth, with several once-in-a-lifetime opportunities shooting up for both buyers and sellers.

New ‘early cash release’ pension legislation planned to come into effect on April 6 will hopefully unlock new opportunities for pensioners to invest their hard-­earned cash into the Buy-­to­-Let property market, potentially created a new class of ‘silver landlords’

There were also the changes in the Stamp Duty band thresholds from the last budget, which will already be saving money for many residential buyers this year.

The property market is also set to see some welcome green shoots of new growth this Spring, but this time at the other end of the age spectrum, with the news that the current government proposes to stimulate the first-­time buyers market, with a fresh incentive for under 40s to purchase new build starter homes at a special one­-off 20% discount.

The previous Help to Buy incentive is reported to have helped 88,000 first-­time buyers since its launch in 2013.

-Agents across the UK this Spring are also anticipating great moves in the property ‘portals’ service, Property Portals are available to all buyers and sellers with an internet connection, in order to search for local property for sale or let, from multiple local agents, in a simple, single web search.

The latest of these On the Market.com, launched in January this year, is set to take the housing market by storm.

The search service is a highly-informative and buyer-friendly property portal, set to be an essential ‘tick’ on the list for landlords and sellers to market their apartments and houses.

Where and how you market your property really matters these days, as property portals have now made it possible to have up to four types of marketing media out there promoting your own product, and increasingly, the internet is the first place prospective buyers will look to research your locale and the kind of properties and prices on offer at that given moment.

On the Market.com is all about marketing your house in the best possible way, and offering a great experience for the user too.

There is no other advertising, and no gimmicks to distract the user from the job of finding prospective properties to view.

Furthermore, with On the Market.com your property will not be mixed in with developers, private sellers or internet-­only estate agency services.

As a seller, On the Market.com also (deliberately) does not supply any information about the history of the current sale, e.g. if you have agreed to a price reduction, or information regarding the length that the property has been for sale. So you have more chance to present it in an professional and un­biased manner to your audience, with the added confidence that your punters will have a great user experience, and that their first call they make will only be to a professional agent, who is On the Market.com