Hastings and District NHS Retirement Fellowship

The chairman and committee of the NHS Retirement Fellowship would like to welcome all members and friends to our annual strawberry cream tea and social afternoon which will take place on Monday, June 15th at 2pm.

At our last meeting in May we welcomed Sue Terry and Barbara both puppy walkers for Guide Dogs for the Blind with two adorable well behaved dogs, Toffee and Esme. Sue explained that only two-thirds of all dogs make it through training and when they are ready they are matched carefully with their new owners taking into account the height of the person, the speed at which that person walks and the environment in which it will be living, ie. town or country. The new owner and dog are then given a 4-8 week period in order for them to get use to each other. If a dog doesn’t quality to become a guide dog it could become a Buddy Dog to a visually impaired child aged around 11yrs old. At the age of 16 that child would then have a fully qualified dog. It was a very interesting meeting and we thank Sue and Barbara for coming and telling us a lot of what goes in to making a good guide dog.

There will be excellent prizes to be won on the raffle and a selection of books and puzzles in the library to be bought or borrowed.

If you have ever worked for the NHS in any area, why not try our ever growing friendly group. We are the local branch of the National Fellowship and meet once a month at The Health Centre, Bexhill Hospital. For further details phone the chairman on 01424 210934 or the membership secretary on 01424 539283.