Gigspanner’s music refuses to be labelled

THE band which has been hailed by Songlines magazine as ‘another milestone in folk’s rebirth of cool’, Peter Knight’s Gigspanner, is performing at The Stade Open Space, Hastings, tomorrow (Saturday, June 29).

Peter Knight, of Steeleye Span fame is one of the country’s best-known fiddle players, and he is joined by the accomplished Roger Flack on guitar and Vincent Salzfaas on congas and djembe, but Gigspanner is much more than the sum of its parts.

Gigspanner’s music draws from Eastern European, French, Cajun, African and even Aboriginal influences, transporting audiences on what has been described as a ‘blistering pace of a musical world tour’ by Phil Widdows of Folkcast.

It is appropriate then that author Terry Pratchett wrote that “Peter Knight can spin the world on his Bow.”

The music Gigspanner produces confounds any attempt to label it, and it is that intriguing, indefinable ingredient that continues to inspire audiences of all leanings, bringing them back for more.

As a trio they have successfully amalgamated the diverse sum of their parts, and have honed and polished a brand that is uniquely theirs, without any show of gimmickry.

The free gig is part of the Stade Saturdays programme, and starts at 7.30pm.

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