A band you won’t want to Disappear

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Preview: The Disappears, Brass Monkey, Havelock Road, Friday, June 3, 8pm.

CHICAGO-based band The Disappears describe themselves as “Creedence Clearwater revival meets minor threat”.

They also use words like reverb, delay, heavy, tremolo, feedback and repetition to describe their music.

What they say about them is most likely unclear to most local revellers but, if you are anything like me, I like the sound of tremolo.

Critics have used equally cryptic metaphors: scuzzy hypnotic grooves, heady shoegaze and post-psychedelic jamming amalgamated with a Krautrock-esque mantra.

However, perhaps more telling is the fact the quartet is led by ex-90 Day Man and Pony’s member Brian Case and also boasts Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley on drums.

The group’s pedigree is certain and their recent record, Guider, is a far more driven affair than the band’s previous, one the Velvet Underground-heavy Lux.

Having fine-tuned the new material with relentless touring, knocking the tunes into shape in music clubs across north America, the band went into the studio and ripped through the recordings – using the first take on all but one of the tracks.

And, in keeping their NOW not THEN mantra, they recorded over the same reels of tape that they used for their first album.

The result, a far more mesmerizing, hypnotic quality teamed with stripped-back songs often based around no more than one note but lifted to the grandiose by driving rhythms and meditative vocal.

A band not to miss, even if you can’t find the words to describe them.Tickets are £8 in advance or £5 for concessions.