Looking back at Bexhill’s 2011 world record attempt

Ten years ago this week, the Observer reported Bexhill’s call for a fairer world as the town rallied together to attempt a world record in the most British of ways.

Thursday, 18th March 2021, 1:23 pm
Crowds gathered to help with the world record attempt ENGSNL00120110315161647

Fairtrade campaigners and supporters at the De La Warr Pavilion to take part in a nationwide attempt to break the world bunting record.

Young and old across town did their bit to help by making their own bunting from fairtrade materials and writing slogans on it to demand fairness for third world farmers and workers.

Their efforts achieved 257.4 metres which will be added to the Fairtrade Foundation’s total.

Fairtrade bunting made by St Mary Magdalene school ENGSNL00120110315161037

Organiser Jack Doherty described this as a ‘fantastic symbol of Bexhill’s united aspiration to solve the problems of unfair trading.’

Supporter Margaret Perry said: “Cheap food and clothing too often means no education for children and abominable working conditions for their parents.”

One child wrote on the bunting: “We don’t want unfairtrade”.

Town Mayor Councillor Jimmy Carroll said: “I am proud to be Mayor of a town with such spirit.

“I would like to thank sincerely the fairtrade committee for organising such a tremendous event pulling people together for a fair cause.”

Pictures and report originally by Camilla Lake.