Mum runs blindfolded to show 14 year old girl with a rare genetic condition what can be achieved

Big hearted Jules Lovell ran the Hastings seafront Park Run route blindfolded to raise funds for the Jeans for Genes charity.

Thursday, 4th October 2018, 11:18 am
Updated Thursday, 4th October 2018, 11:19 am
Blindfold Run 1 SUS-180410-091857001
Blindfold Run 1 SUS-180410-091857001

Jules, a chief cardiac physiologist at the Conquest Hospital, was joined on the run by her husband Del.

Karey Mason, an old school friend of Jules, explained: “Jules ran blindfolded on behalf of my beautiful daughter Maisie Doswell who has the rare genetic condition Myhres Syndrome.

“Maisie, who turns 15 on Sunday, has sadly lost full sight in her left eye earlier this year and her vision in her right eye is getting worse. She has had multiple brain surgeries as well as skull removal. She is also hard of hearing and relies on powerful hearing aids.

Blindfold Run 2 SUS-180410-091942001

“So Jules and Del completed the park run blindfolded with Del being her guide to show Maisie anything is possible.

“Jules said it was scary at first but after a while her senses kicked in.

“They asked if Maisie would like a treat with funds raised but Maisie decided to put all monies raised for Jeans for Genes, a charity that helps children with genetic disorders.

“What Jules and Del did that day was with pure passion and they have a heart of gold and a loving nature.

“We would like to thank everyone who has already donated and encourage more people to donate now Jules has completed this run.

“Being different doesn’t have to be a sad time, being different means you are unique and beautiful.

You can donate by either Julie Lovell’s Facebook page or going to the Jeans for Genes website website. You can also donate by visiting