William Parker students enjoy a dramatic way to learn about road safety

The important issue of road safety was brought to life in a theatrical performance at Ark William Parker school.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 6:31 pm
William Parker road safety SUS-180210-130802001
William Parker road safety SUS-180210-130802001

Year 7 students at the Parkstone Road school enthusiastically participated in the annual theatre performance on road safety.

The production, by Performance in Education, was called Streetwise and focussed on reminding students about keeping safe as pedestrians, especially when crossing the road and travelling to school.

The engaging production saw three actors present themselves as young people walking to school.

It explored how easy it is to make errors in judgement when crossing roads whilst using headphones or mobile phones and not paying attention near busy roads.

The presentation showed the potential consequences of risk taking behaviour around roads. Many questions were then asked, leading students to consider whether they follow safe practice and how they can ensure they travel to school safely.

Mrs Iglinski, the PSHRE coordinator for the school, commented: “As an academy we feel it is essential to reinforce this safety message as many of our students maybe walking to school for the first time and entrances to the school can be busy.

“We would like to thank Performance in Education for their entertaining mixture of lively theatre, mask work and statistics about road accidents which captivated and encouraged audience participation.”

Road safety charity Brake have more useful information on how to stay safe. Visit www.brake.org.uk/schools-communities.