Proposal for new medical centre in St Leonards

Developers have put forward proposals for a new medical centre in St Leonards.

Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 10:06 am
Updated Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, 11:10 am
An architect's impression of the proposed centre. Picture from Brock Carmichael Architects SUS-181023-092610001

The proposed building would house two GP surgeries and a pharmacy and be based in Bexhill Road next to West St Leonards Community Centre.

A design and access statement by Brock Carmichael Architects on behalf of the applicant SLMP Ltd said: “The need for this development is very clear.

“Over the past few years, West St Leonards has had to cope with the closure of two surgeries, South Saxon and Essenden Road, with patients having to travel further to access health care.

“Against this backdrop, Carisbrooke Surgery, one of the practices which will occupy the centre, suffered a fire in 2013 and is in temporary accommodation in Falaise Road.

“Their current lease cannot be extended and its planning permission is also temporary. The site also suffers from poor public transport accessibility.

“The Silver Springs surgery building consists of an old converted bungalow which is unfit for purpose and operating well beyond its designated capacity.

“It is intended that this facility will close as the new centre becomes operational and its patients split geographically between the new facility and the existing High Glades practice. Some patients may also transfer from High Glades.

“The new medical centre is designed to cater for up to 20,000 patients. The centre will act as a modern health hub for the south west area of Hastings.

“As a health hub it will be able to facilitate services currently given by other providers, more locally as well as easing pressure on the hospital.

“Without this new facility health care in West St Leonards will continue to be provided in fractured, poor quality accommodation and in the medium term, without new premises, the future of Carisbrooke Surgery will be in doubt.”

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