Franchise is approaching its 10-year milestone

As thebestof Hastings is ten months old, the franchise itself is approaching its ten-year milestone.

Friday, 5th June 2015, 2:36 pm
Ian Noble

Over the years, thebestof has introduced numerous marketing support tools for members, most recently, we see the launch of yet another fantastic marketing too the Facebook integrated review


Thebestof are constantly innovating and introducing new technologies to put our members firmly on the map. “We know that there are 24 million Britons a day on Facebook so it is important that we provide our members with an opportunity to collect reviews from the most popular socialmedia platform”, said Ian Noble, owner of the Best of Hastings (pictured)

“We pioneered the local online directory but have moved way beyond that now.

“It’s not enough to just list yourself on a business directory and think ‘that’ll do’ – we can do so much more to raise the reputation and good name of our members.”

Vicki Sanders owner of Numerical Bookkeeping said:

“Working with thebestof Hastings has allowed me to focus on my marketing and my online presence. I find Ian to be a passionate advocate of my company.”

People find services from word-of-mouth recommendations, on Google and Social Media and we have shifted our approach towards helping small businesses to harness that more effectively.

Doing a good job and giving great service is of course a prerequisite for getting your customers to recommend you, whether on or offline. Online marketing specialist Amanda Baldwin of Talkativeonline added: “Membership of thebestof Hastings has undoubtedly helped

“Talkativeonline’s SEO has generated traffic to our website and other social media sites.”

Thebestof encourages its members to become aware of the importance of reviews and to ask customers for them as this helps to focus on one of the most effective ways to get new business.

Reviews are what makes a business.

They allow customers to see who you are and what you do.

The widget is up to date, visible, and efficient and allows potential customers to get an all-round understanding of the services and products you provide.

They are honest, valuable,give you a competitive edge and boost your reputation as a great business.

If you’re involved with an independent local business and would like to know more of what

thebestof can do for you, call Ian on 07801 250668 or email [email protected] thebestof Hastings is the ultimate local business guide; our mission is to take the stress out of finding great, recommended local businesses – we assess them, so that you don’t have to.

Then we promote them through a variety of marketing streams.