'˜Complete and utter mystery' as Rochdale billboard poster appears in St Leonards

A billboard poster aimed at businesses in Rochdale has appeared in St Leonards...and nobody seems to know how.

Friday, 12th October 2018, 1:56 pm
Updated Saturday, 13th October 2018, 7:34 am
A billboard poster calling on businesses in Rochdale to vote for a business improvement district has appeared in St Leonards and nobody knows how. Picture: Justin Lycett

The poster, which is plastered across a JCDecaux billboard, in Bexhill Road, St Leonards, calls on Rochdale business owners to vote ‘yes’ for a business improvement district in the Greater Manchester town.

The problem is Rochdale is 285 miles away from the St Leonards sign and only Rochdale businesses can vote.

The poster also includes a number to contact Rochdale’s town centre manager Paul Ambrose, who has no idea how the mix-up has happened.

He said: “It is a complete and utter mystery why it has ended up in Hastings.

“There is a billboard up in Rochdale so how on Earth this has happened is a different matter. I have no idea what’s going on.”

Mr Ambrose said he paid a fee to another business for the Rochdale billboard advert but has not contacted JCDecaux or paid for two adverts.

He added: “I emailed across the graphics and that advert (in Rochdale) went up a couple of weeks ago.

“I emailed someone to ask what has happened and they’ve responded asking ‘how’s this happened’ so he’s asking me and I have no idea.”

To add to the confusion, a spokesman for JCDecaux said the campaign is scheduled to be on the St Leonards billboard but provided no further information.

Mr Ambrose said the billboard was meant to be a reminder to businesses in Rochdale to vote for the business improvement district – for which they have each received a ballot paper.

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