Cllr Rob Lee

Hastings carnival shows our fun side

The warm weather may at times feel like a curse but I keep reminding myself that it was snowing in Spring this year, and so I make myself feel grateful for this extended warm spell we have had over recent weeks and wear my shorts happily. This stance proved difficult last Saturday when I joined hundreds of others for the climax of Hastings Old Town week and that is, of course, the carnival.

An overflowing bin SUS-181207-114401001

Where is the guarantee of better service?

This week’s full council agenda was shortened to allow councillors and staff to be able to go and watch England in the semi-final of the world cup. The truncated agenda had only one item on it which could not be deferred. The one item was very important to discuss and approve the new street cleaning contract for Hastings.

Hastings Country Park SUS-180614-114240001

The Country Park’s expensive strawhouse

After only a month since the local elections things already seem to be going wrong at Hastings Borough Council. The plans for the very overdue visitors centre in the Country Park came before a specially convened cabinet again at the end of May. These plans have been around for some years now and still nothing has been built. It appears that the plans are having to be rethought as the building is of a difficult design as it will be made out of straw, yes that’s right straw.

The Conservative View with Cllr Rob Lee SUS-170623-111550001

The Conservative case for council change

In my last column I went through Labour’s stale offerings in the form of the local plan they would like to implement. Since then I have been continuing work on amendments that we, the local Conservative party, would like to make to the Council’s budget. What is clear over the last few years is that the Labour administration have become entirely detached from the priorities of the residents of Hastings and St Leonards and are keen on pursuing a narrow, ideological agenda and the town has suffered as a result. This is exampled by the threat of closure of Ore toilets, a lacklustre strategy in dealing with street sleepers in the town, the virtual absence of a strategy on dealing with drugs on our streets, no real desire to physically and literally keep our streets clean and the now derelict Harold Place toilets, which serve as an obvious reminder of the failure of the Council under its current Labour administration.

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