Having the time of her life and here in Hastings for a pantomime debut

Honey G arrived in Hastings this week to begin rehearsing her role as Fairy G. in Sleeping Beauty.

Tuesday, 5th December 2017, 2:56 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:13 am
Honey G. at White Rock Theatre for panto 2017 SUS-170313-115852001
Honey G. at White Rock Theatre for panto 2017 SUS-170313-115852001

She believes the pantomime at the White Rock Theatre this month will be “brilliant.”

She said: “I am settling in really nicely and getting to know the whole team - the director, the executive producer and the music director are really lovely people, and the cast are great as well. The first rehearsals have gone very well, and I just can’t wait to see the end product.”

She added: “This is my acting debut - but my first time was when I was very young at school, I did quite a lot of acting actually, and wrote a lot of comedy sketches and stuff like that, I was always in the school performances...I am really looking forward to it.”

Honey G in rehearsal

It’s been a busy time for her since contesting X Factor in 2016, which has involved touring for the entire year, including nightclub shows and arena tours. “X Factor has been a complete life change for me. Sometimes I pinch myself, and think is this really me? I am living the dream. It has completely changed my life, having found fame. I am now making a career out of being a rapper. I hope to continue my career for decades to come - it is unbelieveable. And I have been completely overwhelmed by the support I have had. Ive just done 100 night clubs with sell-out croweds, and its unbelieveable when I turn up, I feel like Michael Jackson sometimes, with people push and screaming, it is just amazing the level of success I have had. I feel so humbled and very pleased I am making a career out of it.”

Honey G is more than aware that she divides the crowds and has her critics but is proud that youngsters particularly like what she is about, and is thrilled when she plays shows like a recent one in Manchester that kids come along dressed like her: “It is very sweet,” she said. “ A lot of kids love my slogan, it is easy for kids to follow, and amazing how little kids have latched on to it. I don’t really take any notice of negativity. I am all about positive thoughts, spreading love and postive vibes, and I don’t listen or take notice of people speaking negatively.”

She is “much happier” in her life and optimistic about the coming year with plans to work on an album and build her career. She is enjoying her Hastings experience and said of the panto to come: “It is a brilliant script, very well written, and it is going to be a very funny show. It will be absolutely hilarious, and I’m happy I am going to learn a lot from everyone.”

Sleeping Beauty runs from December 15 - 31 - book tickets at whiterocktheatre.org.uk or call 01424 462288.